Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A week off

I had the week off last week for Fall Break. I love that about my school. They took away some of the other holidays- like labor day- and put them all into one week. So instead of random three day weekends we have a week off mid semester in the fall.

So needed. So wonderful. I spent two days up in Bellingham, WA visiting my best friend!

We've matured so much over the past few years. We spent the days together playing quidditch, watching the Lion King, and going to book stores! Nerd best friends for life.

I had a wonderful lunch with my oldest brother on Tuesday. We're trying to make it a once a month event- it's nice to catch up!

Worked. Decorated and sold a bajillion Halloween cupcakes! Anyone need cupcakes for some sort of party? I should just start a business!

Spent some much needed time with my family! I think that's the most consecutive days I've seen them for since I started school.

Went to the Holt Auction, which was incredibly fun and they raised an amazing amount of money for North Korea!

Squeezed in a trip to the pumpkin patch with my family and got some adorable pictures:

And of course spent a couple evenings with my boyfriend:

Survived my first set of midterms. Schools back in full swing now, and winter is approaching. Next week we're forecasting for next semester.. hopefully no 8 AM classes?

That'd be nice.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I don't know that I can write this post saying that I felt 'prepared' for college. I'm currently studying at a college known for its nursing school in the Northwest. My life has become more busy than I ever would have imagined.

I think that's the number one difference from what I was expecting coming into school.

People make all these comments about how nice it is to not be in school Monday-Friday from 8-4, but in reality I feel just as time crunched. I'm in class MWF, till noon one day, till 6 another, and till 9 another (Can you guess which one is my favorite?)

The homework load isn't horrible- as long as you stay on track for the class. I can already tell you doing 8 assignments the night before is far worse than doing 8 assignments over the course of a week. However just because I can tell you this doesn't mean I always do it. Procrastination never wears off. ;)

Teachers expect a lot more from you as a student. There's a basis of knowledge for each class the teacher expects you to either know, or learn on your own. There's no reminders about due dates for assignments- if you didn't notice it on the syllabus 2 months ago, that's your fault.

There's the classes that you could fall asleep in and still get As on the tests. There's the classes that you can take the best notes in the world for and still get Cs on the tests.

I can guarantee your teachers will all have different writing styles that they prefer. You will not always use APA formatting. You will learn APA, MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, and formatting that the teacher invented out of the pure hatred for how much effort it takes of the student.

Your essays will NEVER be two pages double spaced. Expect 3 minimum. Typically 1,000 + words.

It's midterm week and I'm venting my stress out a bit. All in all, I actually love college. It's just a little shocking to adapt to the culture of it all. And it's truly nice to feel like I am finally learning things that I can apply to the real world and my job in the future.

Except Philosophy. I don't think I can pretend to benefit from that class considering my dislike for it. Just saying. :]

And what's truly making this experience worthwhile is the new friends I'm making. Definitely a bonus. And the old friends I'm reconnecting with.

And I thank god for the people in my life that keep me grounded!

Just a few of the many. Shout out to my little sisters who listen to my advice, complaining, and singing as they help me clean my room.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Life right now is beyond crazy. School, track, and work occupy nearly all of my time. And generally in that spare moment of free time that I DO have, I'm either doing homework or tryig to squeeze in some quick time with friends.

Lately I just miss being home. By the last week of our trip to China, I was so ready to be home. And ever since we got home I feel like I'm still not home yet! I'm playing catchup in school. I'm trying to get back in shape in track. I'm ready to just have a day at home.

I think we're all feeling this way to an extent. Being out of the country for nearly three weeks gets you behind in EVERYTHING. Speaking of which. I am certainly behind in laundry.. still!

Fortunately, I have things to look forward to that keep me going!

- Track meets.
- Prom
- Summer!

I've decided that this summer I'm doing everything I've been wanting to for years! Taking road trips whenever I have the opportunity. I've already got a list of places I hope to get to this summer!

Tonight we switched beds around. I've had a queen bed in my room- which, as much as I loved it, took up half of the space. So we put Alex's loft bed in and it's already making such a differece!

Anyways. Tomorrow consists of a makeup Econ test. An actual Econ test. Preschool. And finding out how I did on my makeup Calculus test.

Can it be Friday yet?

Monday, March 7, 2011

A bad name

I think all of us track runners give track a bad name. Probably because we all complain so much.

In reality? I'm pretty sure most of us can't live without it.

Here's where my frustration comes in. Remember how I was sick last week? Well I still am. So. Despite my detest for the doctor, I decided to go today to save my mama from worrying about me still being sick in China (t-minus 8 days!!!!!!).

So I went to the doctor.

And you know it's not starting off well when his response to you is something along the lines of "Well.. I mean.. it's not exactly normal. So we'll try out this medicine."

Medicine with a side effect of tightened tendons. Meaning no running/jogging/physical activity for the week.

Meaning no running/jogging/physical activity for A MONTH. Since we'll be in China the next 3 weeks. UGH!

This is 3 seasons in a row that I've been out for a week or more. And the season just barely started!

Anyways. I should go to school since my appointment ended a little while ago and I'm supposed to be teaching my pre-school class today.



Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All I want

Is another hot bubble bath.

Today I feel like this.

And it's AWFUL.

There I go complaining too much again. But whatever.

Overall a decent day. Didn't do much in school. Started reading Crime and Punishment.. took some notes.. almost fell asleep in Nursery..

And my legs feel like Jello after track today. Boo.

One of these days I'll actually post about something. For now it's kind of nothing. But at least I'm getting back in the habit.

My one thrill of the day? I've finally stopped biting my nails for long enough that I was able to paint them. First time since summer. Lol. Yayyyy.

Tomorrowww-- Pancakes with my girls. :]

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I hurt.

First day of track practice. Awww man. Don't get me wrong- track is my favorite sport. Period. However, it kills your body. So today my legs moved far too much for their liking and my lungs worked a little too hard for being croupy already.

I complain too much.

On a lighter note.. hmm.

In Econ today, my teacher mentioned a tater tot eating contest he'd had with my brother. Ahh I always loved that story.

Saw an old family friend at our school's basketball game today! And also got to go with my Dad, brother, and boyfriend.

Picked up a book I've been needing to get at Barnes and Noble. Unfortunately it's Crime and Punishment. Dense reading here we go.

That's probably about it. I'm trying to work out going to the Taylor Swift concert next fall!!! Crossing my fingers. That's like my dream- she's my all time favorite performer!

Anyways. Not a lot to talk about tonight. I think I'm going to go take a warm shower and then climb into bed. With about 15 blankets. Because it's FREEZING here.
I either want snow or sunshine.
The latter sure sounds wonderful at the moment. Can it just be summer already?

Monday, February 28, 2011

The joys

Of stress.

Today I'm home sick. Only not home from school, nah that's no longer allowed! I'm missing too many days of school when I go to China to take sick days!!

In 15 days I will be on an airplane to Seoul, Korea, followed shortly by another long plane ride to Beijing. 15 days! That's crazy!

It's hard to believe that my beautiful little sister whom we know only through brief letters and photographs will soon be joining our family.

I remember the day we met Luke at the orphanage. His big almond eyes. His excited babble to his friends. His utter joy at the bubbles we were blowing to entertain him.

How quick we all bonded. I can only hope that with my new sister the bonding will be as instantaneous, but there is always fears of a more difficult struggle. Though no struggle is insuperable.

I haven't begun packing yet. However, I'm sure I will soon. Two weeks from tomorrow. Sheesh! That date sure snuck up on us!

Yesterday I made some cupcakes for some friends at work. They turned out pretty well for being spur of the moment!

I've also been making bows lately in excessive amounts to take to China with us. Sometimes when that creative flow starts it just doesn't stop!
I turned 18 this past Saturday, and spent a wonderful day at work(partially), with my family, and with my wonderful boyfriend. I haven't really worked out a birthday party yet- China's been creeping up on us too fast, but that'll get done eventually.
Things are crazy. Life is pretty good.
Hopefully I'll blog more. :P